World Population

World Population Growth


World Population Growth... And The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects

By: Charles James Apgar 

June 08, 2019

To Whom It May Concern.

How many of you know that at the end of each day there's over 200,000 more of us on this earth? Over 200,000 more people each day, and that’s the number after all of the deaths that occur each day. Over 100,000 people die each day.

In a 30-day month at 200,000 new people a day, that equals over 6,000,000 people a month. In a 365-day year, that equals 73,000,000 people.

That’s the short number.

Now, I know you all are wondering what the hell is he talking about now. And why is he talking about it. Well you might know it has to do with The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects.

What else would it be about.

Let's move ahead 20 years and pretend that the 73,000,000-plus people that we will gain in in a year are grown up. They now need jobs, they now need places to live and they need all the other things that people need. People just like all of us. How many of us are doing anything today to assure that these people will have the things they will need?

If we don't care now about what will happen to these people down the line, then what can we expect our own lives to be? You see, we already have too much of nobody cares and more and more people's lives suck a little more each day. And, but for the Grace of God, sometimes the streets are not that far away for any of us. Is that the future we want for ourselves and our children and our fellow man?

I think the time has come to make this world a better place for all the people of this world, including ourselves, and for those that will follow us. I don't have any magic answers and God knows I don't have any resources. But, I've never let that stop me.

Remember, this world is not your friend. And this world doesn't owe you a thing. But, you do owe yourself. If you want something, you must find a way to get it done.

One thing I will tell you, no one does much of anything worth talking about, by themselves. It takes a lot of people working together to make things better. 

And most of the time there will be no one to thank you, that's not what this is about. Your thank you will come when you look in the mirror and see a person that gives a damn about something other than themselves.

One Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Project, (that is one of the largest projects that we are currently designing, now that we have downsized them), would only provide for around one day’s population growth on this earth. Around 250,000 people. That's it folks.

So, for everyone out there that thinks that projects like this are too big, think again. Too big for what. It would take around 300 projects of this size just to accommodate one year's population growth.

That’s a project a day folks. What are we waiting for?

They’re not being built, but we need to be building them.

And given that it takes time to build just one, it seems to me we need to get started, like maybe yesterday. Building projects like these doesn’t require rocket science. We’re not leaving the earth in one of these buildings. They simply require a little 

concrete and steel, and a little common sense.

Dare to get involved. You’ll see for yourself.

If more people would get involved in the building of things, we all wouldn’t be paying so much for homes, apartments and places to run our businesses. Aren’t you all a little sick and tired of always being one paycheck from the street?

Being at the mercy of someone else?

If you’re waiting for your government to address this, for God’s sake people look around you. If the government was the answer to all things, there would be no needs in this world. Government’s not the answer to much of anything that has to do with one’s day to day life.

We all have a responsibility to be responsible. Not only for ourselves, but for others as well. Now, none of us can pull the answers out of our asses. We can’t give what we don’t have. That’s why people need to come together and collectively create things bigger than themselves and the little worlds that far too many people live in today.

The Multi-Trillion Dollar Projects we keep talking about, they’re not the answer to every social problem in this world, but we strongly feel that they can set a precedent that others might follow. 

Anyone that thinks things are fine the way they are in this world, is a damn fool.

Give what I'm saying some thought when you get the time. 

We could use your support and your help.

Sincerely, Charles James Apgar and Mildred Vearlene Sullivan