Company Policies

In Our Effort To Be Fair


We  have a paragraph that we would like for everybody to be aware of. 

We feel that it’s fair to all that might have anything to do with the projects we purpose.

The following paragraph is our equal opportunity and non-discrimination policy all rolled into one. 

This is not intended to piss anyone off. ​

"In our effort to be fair to all interested parties, we want you all to know that we respectfully don't care where you come from, who you are, who your mama is, what your sex is, your sexual preferences are, what your political preferences are, or what God or Gods you pray to, as long as you are legitimate and sincere regarding your interests in these projects. We want all interested parties to know, that we don't discriminate against any people of this world, and we expect all parties to be respectful of this and to conduct themselves in a like manner." 

No Exceptions to These Policies.